CrowdBunker, genesis of a resistance to censorship

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3 November 2021
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October 2020 : Censorship rages on.

YouTube has been deleting Resistance channels with tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Facebook engages in insidious shadow ban censorship, manipulating its algorithms to "hide" content deemed undesirable.

Odysee/LBRY is starting to look like a credible alternative to YouTube, but it's having trouble convincing the masses because of its shortcomings...

The war of disinformation is in full swing and the criminals in power are gaining ground with their dishonest methods of neutralizing any form of contradiction.

The near-monopoly of the information giants and the complicity of the media enable criminals to perpetrate their crimes with the blessing of the near-majority of citizens.

The motive for the crime is perfect.

"A dangerous virus is putting our societies at risk.
We, as politicians, are here to protect you. That is our duty. And we have found the solution to save you. A very innovative and effective vaccine is being finalized as we speak, to be rushed to market for the good of the people of the world. We are doing our best to have enough for the whole world, in a fair way and as soon as possible. Trust us to save you and above all, don't listen to those dangerous conspiracy theorists who tell you there is no epidemic. They are crazy. They also believe the earth is flat and the moon is hollow."

The narrative is well established.

November 2020 : Every day brings us closer to the point of no return

The scourge of misinformation is rampant, and public opinion is slowly and definitively being subjected to a devious narrative built around fear and guilt.

Any contradictory statement, even if it is rational and supported by scientific evidence and facts, is immediately discredited and its bearer pilloried.

On November 11, 2020, Hold-Up is released. On November 12, 2020, Hold-Up is censored.

The war of misinformation is total. Resistance fighters are disarmed, disillusioned and penniless. Only the rage of despair keeps them going. With no YouTube channel, no Facebook page, no Twitter account, no Vimeo, no Tipee for the main information warriors, the battle seems futile and lost in advance.

Humanity is on the brink of a madness with no way back. And nothing and no one seems able to stop it.

November 17, 2020: The domain name is registered

The morale of the troops is more than shaken by the darkness of disinformation propagated without any resistance.

The fight for fair, loyal and transparent information is becoming titanic.

The outpouring of slanderous, defamatory and propagandistic media and the brutal censorship of social networks are beginning to reveal the true nature of this system of control: a filth that gives the illusion of freedom, but whose sole purpose is to manipulate public opinion, and certainly not to inform individuals who are free to form their own opinions.

Understanding the vital need to safeguard the freedom of expression and opinion of all muzzled Resistance fighters as quickly as possible, a daring young computer engineer launches a video platform designed to synchronize videos from YouTube channels, before theblind censorship to make them "jump" for good.

The idea was born: CrowdBunker would be "the bunker for crowds".

A bunker for whistle-blowers, independent media, free-thinkers and citizens in search of the truth.

CrowdBunker would be the breeding ground in which freedom of expression could flourish, so that information could regain the upper hand over propaganda.

Almost a year later, CrowdBunker has become THE platform of free speech par excellence.

And with each passing day, new improvements and features are added to make CrowdBunker a platform that censors will have to cope with.

Some figures:

CrowdBunker today is:

Over one million unique visitors per month,
Over 49,000 user accounts,
Nearly 19,000 videos protected from censorship

Fun facts

  • The most viewed video on CrowdBunker is about effects of vaccination on blood.
    It has more than 220,000 views to date!
    [and it is of course not available on You(en)Tube].
  • For a few days, before becoming CrowdBunker...the CrowdBunker embryo was called... Complosphere.
    Strange as it may seem, Matthieu, CrowdBunker's lead developer, simply felt that the foul coalition of public-private censorship subservient to private financiers and their political proxies around the world deserved to be symbolically enshrined in CrowdBunker's very DNA as a way of assuming the risk of being called a conspiracy theorist.
    Today CrowdBunker is the bunker of the masses, and no matter how much misinformation is out there, anyone who knows our address knows that their freedom of expression and information is safe here.

Welcome to the Resistance!

Your freedom of expression is our best weapon of massive reinformation. ✊🕊️❤️🙏

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25 comments on “CrowdBunker, genèse d’une Résistance à la censure”

  1. Hello,
    Bravo for your initiative, but there's no tab introducing you?
    It would be interesting to have some information on the structure behind this platform, as it could be anything and everything!
    Imagine you're an extreme right-wing propagandist, for example (which of course I doubt), and then it would annoy me to no end to support your initiative.

  2. Hello,

    First of all, thank you for this valuable information. I don't know why my e-mail address is being refused, so I can't subscribe to your site. If you can help me, I would be very happy. Thank you

  3. Hello to all
    I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the quality of the work you have done.
    Thanks to Mathieu and his team for creating this platform to protect all the information that is censored by other platforms.
    To allow all the people to express themselves on the truth of the false. This will help many people to wake up and get out of their state of hypnosis in which it, they are plunged.
    Thank you for your seriousness and professionalism.
    I have a lot of trouble following the broadcasts on your platform probably due to a bad connection which must be due to the presence of two 5G antennas which are next to my home.
    Thank you. Have a bright day with all my heart Marie

  4. It is indeed terribly disturbing this hold of money on science as well as the credulity of the masses!

  5. Hello CrowdBunker, I can't post videos anymore, or even put a comment, it marks me "BAD REQUEST" every time. Can I get some help, I don't know what to do, thank you.

  6. For the past two years, we have been witnessing a global coup d'état in which a financial and ideological elite has managed to take control of part of the national government, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, political and religious leaders. All of them, without distinction, have become slaves of these new masters in order to assure power, money and social affirmation to their accomplices. The fundamental rights, presented until yesterday as inviolable, have been trampled underfoot in the name of an emergency. Today, a health emergency. Tomorrow, an ecological emergency. And after that, an internet emergency.
    This global coup d'état deprives citizens of any possibility of defense, since the legislative, executive and judicial powers are complicit in the violation of law, justice and the purpose for which they exist. It's a global coup d'état, because this criminal attack on citizens extends to the whole world, with very few exceptions. It's a global war in which the enemies are all of us, even those who, unwittingly, haven't yet grasped the significance of what's going on. It's a war waged not with weapons, but with illegitimate rules, perverse economic policies and intolerable limitations on natural rights. Supranational organizations financed largely by the conspirators of this coup are interfering in the government of individual nations and in the lives, relationships and health of billions of people. They do it for the money, of course, but even more to centralize power, in order to establish a planetary dictatorship. This is the great reset of the World Economic Forum, the United Nations Agenda 2030. It's the plan of the New World Order, in which a universal republic enslaves everyone and nullifies faith in Christ.......more on my blog

  7. Hello Matthieu and all the team
    What you are doing is exciting
    I don't know if you started out tinkering in a garage, remaking the world, but bravo, you've gone down in history as an important element in the current war, which we haven't yet understood because it's a new war, cognitive warfare.
    Your platform is valuable
    We lost the first battle with Covid, without even really fighting it, whereas we had won with H1N1 (quite simply, at the time, people hadn't bought into the scheme), because the media weren't all under control like they are today; it appears that there is virtually no 4th counter-power any more, the legislative and the judicial ditto; there is only one totalitarian doxa left for the general public, and it's working, it's a complete social engineering program of submission to authority.

    Hence your importance, in the game you are a tower, a fort and a lighthouse and I fully support you, but never paying by internet tell me how I can send you a check of support.

    on the other hand, if I can help you in any other way, I'd be delighted to do so.
    I'm 70 years old, a retired psychologist after 45 years in the profession.
    I'm a computer geek, though
    I live in a large farmhouse 30 kilometers from Nantes by the sea.
    and I can invite you to my place to rest, work, exchange if you want, come on vacation, alone, in team or in family either in an independent accommodation; or in full board with kitchen and bedding of great quality

    You have my utmost admiration for your courage, skill, commitment and intelligence.

    gilles rochette
    44680 Sainte Pazanne
    02 40 02 63 80

  8. Hello,
    and thank you for your work.
    As I don't have internet access at home, I mainly get my information by downloading videos from various places with internet access (public places, at work, etc.).
    Unless I'm mistaken, Crowdbunker doesn't offer a video download option.
    I think this would be an important tool for the resistance, allowing videos to be available on physical media (USB keys, etc.) and to be circulated more easily ...
    Thanks again,
    Thank you!

  9. Thank you very much for this platform, I've just given you 200 euros because I regularly donate to resistants, Génération Frexit, TVL, Réaction 19, Bon Sens etc.. I've just managed to create an account and soon a channel because youtube closed two of my channels a year ago and on the ones I have left they delete almost everything, fortunately I have Odysee but it's badly done. Is it possible to get some good tips for referencing videos? In particular the import file name, some people say you should only put keywords separated by a hyphen, others with a dash at the bottom etc. Do you know the right tip?

  10. Hello,I've just registered.on the subject of anticovid "vaccination",here's a link to Fischer's 12/2020 press would be a shame if it disappeared.

  11. The two Nobel Peace Prize winners of 2021 Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov denounced the lies of the States related to the Covid 19 in an interview on the Aljazeera channel in English this day of 10/12/21.

  12. All this is terrifying, how to stop this global madness.
    Thanks for this channel, what else can we do?
    It's very difficult to talk to those around you, most people don't want to know, they hide behind total obedience, even to the point of being proud to be vaccinated to protect their fellow man!!!!
    As a retired nurse, I have never experienced such infamy in my 46-year career.
    In the '80s, I worked in a hospital dialysis unit, and most of my colleagues contracted hepatitis B. Some of them died, and I myself came into contact with the virus after being pricked by an infected needle.After about 40 years, I still have HBS and HBC antibodies (tested in 2018).
    I can't understand why they still want to vaccinate people who have had covid or ban them from practicing ....there's a catch...
    I even wonder if all these children who have allergies, cancer, leukemia etc ... are not victims of inoculated vaccines.
    mandatory ....11 vaccines now???...there's so much to say!!!
    Thank you for allowing us to speak.

  13. Hello,
    Bravo and thank you, a thousand times thank you.
    What a relief to be able to take refuge in this ocean of sincerity and freedom.
    Good continuation

  14. I find your platform very useful, but I deplore the fact that there is still no way of recording videos so that they can be shared more easily. Your sharing system is restrictive because some sites or platforms systematically reject links. It's a shame.

  15. Hello Friends, Where can I find tutorials for putting videos on a Crowdbunker "channel" I've opened? Thank you very much. Corinne

  16. Reflection, exchange of ideas concerning the demonstrations of Saturday ............ for a new world which should be that of the living being (the people) and the planet.
    After several participations in these demonstrations, and the small number of participants, perhaps it would be good to put in place a strategy affecting all the people. Here are some elements of reflection:
    a- Find 1 or 2 arguments that affect all age groups or by age group
    b- Disclosed the past of some of the politicians who are in key positions:
    Ex: contaminated blood, growth hormones, depaquine, bextra, prostheses .......covid; in table form:
    Name, year, case, side effects -death, conviction, current position -award-medal

    c- Lists of different companies sold by ......à who.....why ........ ; ex : la Française des jeux , Alstom ...
    d- Destruction of our public services: hospitals, schools ......
    e- List of the different freedoms lost today and in the future ....
    f- Find a slogan for the demonstration: e.g.: no to the management of our countries by crooks ..... or .......
    g- Make flyers, some posters with the place and time of the meeting, circulate on the different networks ....

    In short, to make the people aware that they are manipulated by our politicians who also manipulate the media so people reacted now ......
    Here is my personal reflection to meditate, the idea is to make the people go down in the street ...... and to promote our new world adapted to the people (health = physical, mental and social well being) and to the planet: thus to develop a natural medicine first - preventive, before the chemical medicine.
    Nb: please be indulgent with my French.

  17. I fully support your action and appreciate your fight against YouTube's censorship. It's important for people to wake up, but the problem is that it includes a majority of people who have had their brains washed away by the mainstream media, the majority of complicit doctors etc.... all of this being the work of a handful of billionaires and politicians who want to rule the world. It's crazy to see these young people queuing up to be tested when they obviously look healthy, but under the reign of fear people are being made to do anything! I think fear goes hand in hand with stupidity.

  18. where do you have instruction on how to get views or show up in the feed. Also just general instruction on how to best use this platform????

  19. The second trial will take place on February 5, 2022
    i hope you received the first one!!!
    The clerks must be notified with the
    20 pages of the first trial, print them and
    give them!
    Everything must be stopped, the vaccination pass is "illegal".
    Governments are found guilty, and therefore the
    populations must no longer submit!
    The murder weapon was identified as "the vaccine".
    Here is the 2nd judgement that will probably not happen
    not in europe, because all corrupt!
    This trial is about Bill Gates!
    Here you go; google: The corona committee's lawsuit against bill gates,
    Fauci and blackRock........
    Accuser; Dr. REINER FUELLMICH.
    This trial will not be broadcast on youtube, because corrupted too!
    It will be broadcast on "independent" channels!
    Bill Gates is hiding, we'll see if he'll be there?
    I made a hard Crowdbunker entry, I "m trying to warn
    the people in this trial, but not possible to put
    comments, I can "t click to put a comment, it "s just a click.
    does not work. Could you please tell me how to do this?

  20. Merciiiiiiii!!!! Thank you for your help and your courage we are waiting to meet you on our roads!!!

  21. Hello everyone, we have just made a donation to crowdbunker. We want to encourage you to continue your work. What you are doing is great and we hope that your platform will be rewarded and recognized for its role in this crisis.

    Martine & Luc.

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