Open letter to RT and Sputnik France

Dear RT and Sputnik France teams,

Freedom of expression is the DNA of CrowdBunker.

It is with great emotion that we learned of the blind censorship that had hit your news agencies. It does not matter whether we agree or not with your editorial line or whether we adhere or not to the ideology of your financiers, it is unbearable for us to see freedom of expression muzzled in this way.

Censorship is not and should never become the norm in a society where freedom is a fundamental right.

CrowdBunker is a free expression platform where you can publish videos, images and text without any possibility of censorship.

The energy of our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that the most diverse opinions can be expressed, as long as they are in accordance with strict legality.

Without any advertising or capital funding, we welcome thousands of independent media, scientists, unaffiliated journalists, free-spirited artists, alarmists, poets, video artists, seasoned and novice, and creators of all kinds... but above all citizens free to inform themselves and to inform.

Our freedom of opinion is the most precious thing in a true democracy.

In order for citizens of a true democracy to form an opinion, they must have access to information that is as complete and impartial as possible. Without this, what we believe to be a free and informed opinion is in fact the result of a dogma shaped by advertising and propaganda campaigns designed to serve the interests of the financiers of these campaigns.

CrowdBunker in numbers

  • ±2M unique visitors per month
  • +85000 registered users
  • +130000 publications and comments
  • +40000 videos
  • Channel with the most subscribers: The Independent Scientific Council, with 13.4k subscribers
  • +10k of monthly operating costs entirely financed by free donations from those who have the greatest interest in our existence: our users.

As far as you are concerned RT and Sputnik France, we don't care if you are funded by a state or not - argument that seems to have been used to censor you under the heading of censorship taken against the interests of the Russian state - we at CrowdBunker believe that our most fundamental right is to think freely and that as a news agency, your contribution to the diversity of views is crucial to our future.

We therefore make the deliberate choice of trusting our users' intelligence and capacity for discernment, rather than trying to infantilize them by believing that they are not capable of forming their own opinion when faced with such and such information.

Our tools are different, our struggle is the same

CrowdBunker is truly a free expression platform in all its forms and trends. It is now possible to publish video, text, image and even live video content like Twitch, YouTube, etc.

Thanks to our decentralized, redundant and proven technical infrastructure, we are armed to face the most difficult attacks, especially DDOS.

We will never censor content because we don't "like" it or because it doesn't correspond to the "official truth" or the "consensus".

As long as a user registers in compliance with the laws in force as well as our summaries terms and conditions of useIn order to protect our freedom of expression, opinion and information, we are open to receive it on our platform.

Join us in the digital resistance

Dear teams of RT France, dear teams of Sputnik France, if you agree and want to join us to protect your freedom to inform us, we will be happy and honored to welcome you on

You will then be free to host your content and we will commit ourselves to fight indefinitely at your side so that you retain your unconditional freedom to inform us.

Thanking you in advance for your response to our invitation.

We look forward to welcoming you!


CrowdBunker, genesis of a resistance to censorship

October 2020 : Censorship rages on.

YouTube has been deleting Resistance channels with tens or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Facebook carries out an insidious shadow ban that manipulates the algorithms to "hide" content considered undesirable.

Odysee/LBRY is starting to represent a credible alternative to YouTube, but is having trouble convincing people because of its shortcomings...

The war of disinformation is in full swing and the criminals in power are gaining ground with their dishonest methods of neutralizing any form of contradiction.

The near-monopoly of the information giants and the complicity of the media allow criminals to perpetrate their misdeeds with the blessing of the near-majority of citizens.

The motive for the crime is perfect.

"A dangerous virus is putting our societies at risk.
We, as politicians, are here to protect you. That is our duty. And we have found the solution to save you. A very innovative and effective vaccine is being finalized as we speak, to be rushed to market for the good of the people of the world. We are doing our best to have enough for the whole world, in a fair way and as soon as possible. Trust us to save you and above all, don't listen to those dangerous conspiracy theorists who tell you there is no epidemic. They are crazy. They also believe the earth is flat and the moon is hollow."

The narrative is well established.

November 2020 : Every day that passes brings us closer to a point of no return

The scourge of misinformation is rampant and public opinion is slowly and permanently being subjected to a devious narrative built around fear and guilt.

Any contradictory statement, even if it is rational and supported by scientific evidence and facts, is immediately discredited and its bearer pilloried.

On November 11, 2020, Hold-Up is released. On November 12, 2020, Hold-Up is censored.

The war of disinformation is total. The Resistants are disarmed, disillusioned, penniless. Only the rage of despair allows them to stay the course. Without a YouTube channel, nor a Facebook page, nor a Twitter account, nor Vimeo, nor Tipee for the main information warriors, the fight seems vain and lost in advance.

Humanity is about to fall into a madness with no way back. And nothing and nobody seems to be able to stop it.

November 17, 2020: The domain name is registered

The morale of the troops is more than shaken by the darkness of the disinformation propagating without any resistance.

The fight for fair, loyal and transparent information is becoming titanic.

The slanderous, defamatory, propagandistic media outpouring and the brutal censorship of social networks are beginning to show the true nature of this system of control: a crappy way to give the illusion of freedom that is only meant to manipulate the public opinion and certainly not to inform free individuals.

Understanding the vital need to safeguard the freedom of expression and opinion of all muzzled Resistance fighters as soon as possible, a daring young computer engineer launches a video platform to synchronize videos from YouTube channels, before theblind censorship does not make them "jump" definitively.

The idea was launched: CrowdBunker would be "a bunker for the crowd".

A bunker for whistleblowers, independent media, free thinkers, citizens in search of truth...

CrowdBunker would be the soil in which freedom of expression could flourish so that information could take over from propaganda.

Almost a year later, CrowdBunker has become THE platform of free speech par excellence.

And with each passing day, new improvements and features are added to make CrowdBunker a platform that censors will have to cope with.

Some figures:

Today CrowdBunker represents:

Over one million unique visitors per month,
Over 49,000 user accounts,
Nearly 19,000 videos protected from censorship

Fun facts

  • The most viewed video on CrowdBunker is about effects of vaccination on blood.
    It has more than 220,000 views to date!
    [and it is of course not available on You(en)Tube]
  • For a few days, before becoming CrowdBunker...the embryo of CrowdBunker was called... Complosphere.
    As funny as it may seem, Matthieu, the main developer of CrowdBunker, had simply estimated that the foul coalition of public-private censorship subservient to private financiers and their political relays around the world, deserved to be symbolically inscribed in the very DNA of CrowdBunker to assume the risk of being treated as conspiracy theorists.
    Today CrowdBunker is the bunker of the masses, and no matter how much misinformation is out there, anyone who knows our address knows that their freedom of expression and information is safe there.

Welcome to the Resistance!

Your freedom of speech is our best weapon of mass reinformation. ✊🕊️❤️🙏