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CrowdBunker is a platform dedicated to free speech and proteching and fundamental rights.
CrowdBunker is financed by its userbase and none of your personal data is sold to advertisers. EVER.
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266 new censorship-free videos were added in a single day today on CrowdBunker. 🚀

Well done to all those who choose freedom of speech. 🙌

What are you waiting for to join us in the bunker ? 😉🏡

Did you know that CrowdBunker now offers you to the possibility to share anti-censorship links?

Neither Facebook, nor YouTube nor Twitter knows how to handle such links, they just don't recognize them.

And so they simply can't censor them.

Take a look:

Shbim! It's your turn to play with this now. Be creative! 😉
October 2020: Censorship rages on.
The motive for the crime is perfect.
November 17, 2020: the CrowdBunker domain name is registered
The idea was out: CrowdBunker will be "the bunker of the masses".

Full blog post:

(and yes, CrowdBunker now has a blog) 😉